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  • It is the player’s responsibility to cancel booking no lesser than 24 hours prior for weekdays and 48 hours prior for weekends the start time. Refund will not be given to cancellation within the 24 hours (for weekdays) or 48 hours (for weekends) period prior to start time.

  • Participants are to wear appropriate light colored sole (both non-marking and non-black sole), in-door shoes or badminton shoes only while playing on the court. No bare feet/ flip flops/ hiking shoes/ dress shoes allow on the badminton court mats. Marking courts will result in a $500 fine.

  • Individuals utilizing this facility do so at their own risk. Stage 18 Badminton Centre will not be held responsible for any injuries, property damage and property lost to players or participants.

  • Participants must check-in and sign the waiver form at the reception counter. Please verify your booking time and court number at check-in and a Stage 18 Badminton Centre staff must confirm the booking.

  • It is the player’s responsibility to clear the payment prior to using the service from Stage 18 Badminton Centre.

  • Stage 18 Badminton Centre management reserves the right to limit the number of “drop-in” participants and alter assigned court number of participants.

  • Good sportsmanship is expected of all players, participants, and spectators. No swearing or abusive behavior is allowed. Fighting and/or instigating a fight will not be tolerated. Please show courtesy and respect to others.

  • Stage 18 Badminton Centre does not assume responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

  • No alcohol is allowed in the facility. Patrons who appear intoxicated will not be allowed on the play field and may be asked to leave the facility.

  • No smoking inside the facility.

  • No pets and animals are permitted inside the facility.

  • Only water is permitted in the playing area. All other good and beverages are prohibited on the play field. No glass containers are allowed.

  • Parents or responsible adults must supervise their children at all time while visiting our facility. Stage 18 Badminton Centre will not assume responsibility for unsupervised children.

  • Stage 18 Badminton Centre reserve the right to refuse play and/or refuse service to anyone.

  • It is the player’s responsibility to be on time and play on assigned courts. Late comers will not be allowed to extend their court rental session and drop in.

  • Fighting, instigating a fight, stalking, or threatening a player, game official, staff member, or spectator will not be tolerated. Any patron who engages in fighting, aggressive acts or threats will be subject to disciplinary sanctions, including but not limited to immediate ejection from the facility.

  • Stage 18 Badminton Centre reserve the right at any time without prior notice to set aside facilities for tournaments, exhibitions, and other social activities.

  • Stage 18 Badminton Centre is not responsible for damages and stolen vehicles

  • Stage 18 Badminton Centre does not accept refund request for any used package, ticket, drop in and court rental session.

  • Stage 18 Badminton Centre has the right to charge additional fee for any form of extended play on court with hourly court rental rate.

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